Friday, July 3, 2015

For the Love of God

That's an expression that has been around forever, and is often said when one is ultimately frustrated or exasperated with someone else's actions, or the condition of things (because of someone else's actions), or the state of the world (because of our actions).

But it is a loaded statement.

It means, "For the love of God, why didn't you do this right? Or at least better?"

It essentially challenges you this:  If you really love God, why don't you do things that PLEASE Him, instead of things like (this).

So, ask yourself, in your life, what could you be doing for the love of God? How can you adjust your actions today for the glory of God and the greater good of the world?

Could you...

  • Be a better steward of your time, home, belongings, money--for the love of God?
  • Be a more patient and loving parent--for the love of God?
  • Turn your back on a temptation, at least today, for the love of God?
    • Laziness--for the love of God
    • Gluttony/Over-eating--for the love of God
    • Wasting time on social media--for the love of God
    • Spending too much money--for the love of God
    • Anger--for the love of God
  • Give something--to a neighbor, to someone less fortunate, to the sick, to the homeless--for the love of God
  • Show mercy to someone who has hurt you or angered you--for the love of God
  • Bless your spouse and/or children with words and actions of love--for the love of God
  • _____________________________ (add in your conviction here)--for the love of God

For the love of God, do something of virtue today to align yourself with God's will and to be one with His love for you today, so that you can be His love to all those around you.

To him who will love Me and will observe my commandments, will I manifest Myself; and he shall be one thing with Me and I with him. 


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  1. Yes, I could do better at every one of those things....for the love of God. So glad to have your wisdom back on these pages!

    Love and hugs,