Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Best Part of Waking Up...

Is spiders in your cup. And coffee in your bathwater. And sea witches, and sewer inspectors.  Lemmee explain.  No. There is too much. Let me sum up. (yes, you know where that came from, so read it with a Spanish accent).

Soooo... my little Millie is teething. Eight, count 'em... EIGHT teeth all at once. She's being quite cheery about it considering, but let's just say it was still a looooonnng night.

But it was a nice night, filled with sweet and thirst-quenching prayer and meditations. And then in one groggy and not-so-sweet 2:00 a.m. moment, God sent me this (through a FB post by Kendra at Catholic All Year), which fixed it all quite nicely and kept me smiling and giggling. Hilarious! Well... at 2:00 a.m.  ...

But, what were those monks thinking (or drinking) when they drew those illuminations? 

MONK #1: what part of the knight do fish go on
MONK #2: the head
MONK #1: thanks
MONK #2: oh absolutely
no problem at all
MONK #1: both lying flatwise across the head, or…?
MONK #2: no one on each side
like ears
MONK #1: ok great
(Click the link to see the rest!)
But... back to the best part of waking up. In case you forgot.  God decided my April Fools was

1. To give Cam April Fools Day one day late
2. To use coffee, spiders, and sewer inspectors, and sea-witches to shake things up and get her into gear.

Hilarious, He is. I bet He cracks Himself up quite a bit.

This was MY plan:

My daughter took the baby to give her a bottle and a snooze. I fed the boys some breakfast and settled them nicely in their room amongst their Legos, and thought a relaxing hot bath with a cup of coffee... then I'll be ready. Ready for everything!

Well... except that thing that I thought was happening Thursday. What was that... ... ... Nothing comes to mind. I must have been imagining it. So,

I fill the antique claw foot tub, using my favorite "Boheme" scented body wash. It's day, so I don't light the candles. But while it's filling I get the Tervis cup filled with fresh hot coffee with some cocoa powder and half & half.  As I'm lying there soaking, mentally preparing to tackle a "doable" portion of the day, I ponder grabbing one of Millie's toy donut rings (you know, the stacking kind), to use as a floatie for the Tervis cup, to keep the coffee hotter longer, floating in the bath beside me.

Then, I see it, and I am enjoying my coffee no longer. And, no longer need it to wake me up.

A big spider, heading down the wall right towards my bath.  I leaped up, grabbed a washcloth, and smushed it, at the same time, leaving my poor, unbalanced Tervis cup of coffee bobbing and spilling.  I flung the washcloth to the far corner of the bathroom and rescued my drowning cup. My bathwater is now brownish--infused with mocha latte.  I figure if the coffee was coming OUT of the cup, what was inside is probably still okay to drink.

Nope. Blech and double blech.

So I finished my bath, much more quickly than I planned, and got some of my coffee by osmosis. Whatever works. But God apparently was saying "Get going."  I was about to find out why.

And, I get dressed, and keep my hair wrapped in the towel, and start baby stepping into my day.  Lessee... Start the boys on ten minute turns playing with the baby, start Breton on projects 1 and 2 (in that order), I'll get laundry going, and then clean up my desk...

Ready, set...

"Mom, why is there an inspection truck in the driveway?"

Facepalm.  That's what was happening Thursday. Sewer and termite inspection. Because we're moving to Florida, you know, and selling this old farm house.

I whip my towel off my head.  No good.  With my new pixie haircut (I'm growing it out after losing it last year), I get this, because I've left it in the towel too long. Exactly. This. Not kidding.

I'm new at this short hair thing. You comb or style it IMMEDIATELY, or you get it wet again.  So... I figured it was better to face the inspector with the towel on my head. Wrapped it back up, opened the door with a smile!

No problem. He only had to run water in my kitchen sink, which was overflowing full of six glasses and spoons from last night's rootbeer floats, and six cereal bowls and spoons, and the remnants of the milk and cereal therein, miscellaneous coffee and juice cups, and a couple of bottles.

Such a gentleman. It was "not a bother at all."

By the time he had walked to the basement and come back up, my kitchen was sparkling and the clean laundry had been hauled upstairs, and though my head was still towel-wrapped, I kinda felt like I had it all together.


April Fool's Day was not all on me. My daughter and I managed to do this to my son's truck while he was visiting last night, hanging with the little ones and distracted by rootbeer floats.  He saw it on his way to work today.

That's Gollum, taped to his passenger side rear view mirror.

Prayers for you, dear readers, to have a blessed day, too.  Because, actually, I really do feel quite blessed.

Especially after Millie tried to fist-bump the sewer inspector. That was cute.

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  1. First of all.....I love the new look on the blog! It's bright and cheery :)

    Second.....I have only half read this post because I can't look at spiders. So, if you ever remove the spiders, I will come back and read all your words :)